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WWF. Brochure. One image on a 1 page insert.

WWF Online Newsroom. Seven hundred word article. 2000

AGUA GEOGRAPHIA Photo Essay -16 images on seven pages Vol. 4 1997

EBONY MEN. Seven images on a two page insert. 1997.

GLOBAL COMPETITOR. Three image three page insert. 1997

TOURISTIC MACHINE. Ten images on a eight page feature. Jan 2005

Exhibitions, "SEA SURFERS" Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal, NYC June, 07. "LIVING ON THE EDGE" UN, NYC June 07. "ENDANGERED" UN, NYC Sept, 1996. "BRAZIL" Roger Smith Gallery. Group show.June 06, NYC.

Touristic Machine. Cover. Jan 2005

Elisa Dragotto. CD Jacket two images. 2008

Richard Thorn. CD Jacket two images. 2005

CD jacket. Randy Jones "Ticket to the World" 2008

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