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Paul Lima is a freelance photojournalist based in New York and living in Hastings on Hudson, NY. He believes in the power of images to move people to do extraordinary things. Paul has photographed both news and social events, sports, and documentary reports in the USA and Brazil. He has spent more than a decade documenting rural fishing cutures for Endangered Coast. a non profit organization. . 



  • Photography - self taught.

  • AOS - American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC.



  • "SEA SURFERS" Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal, group show, June, 2007 NYC.

  • "LIVING ON THE EDGE" United Nations, solo show, June 2007 NYC.

  • "ENDANGERED" United Nations, solo show, Sept, 1996 NYC.

  • "BRAZIL" Roger Smith Gallery. group show, June 06, 1996 NYC.



  • The Daniele Agostino Derossi Foundation – 1996



  • Finalist –Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellowship - 2002


In Kind Gifts

  • Fuji Film - 1996



  • WWF, MOMA, Ebony, Brazilian Times, NY Daily News. Agua Geographica,

       Global Competitor. CARAS



  • Brazil's 1%. Vanishing cultures of rural Brazil.

  • The Raft Men of Brazil. Reporting on the perils of tourism for small scale fishermen of Brazil. 



  • World Wildlife Fund, Brazilian Counsolet General. Brazilian Times, Benvenuti PR, MG Events, McDonald Events, Fine Food Affairs, World Wildlife Fund, Ebony.












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